Safety council passes two resolutions

resolutionsThe National Boating Safety Advisory Council recently passed two resolutions – one recommending the U.S. Coast Guard pursue mandatory boater education, the other reaffirming the Council’s commitment to accident reporting recommendations.   

Resolution Regarding Boating Education
Recommends that the Coast Guard redirect its efforts from seeking federal authority for education and instead focus effort toward actively supporting state initiatives aimed at implementing boating safety education laws, such as those based upon the NASBLA Model act for Mandatory Boating Safety Education, assisting in the resolution of important issues such as reciprocity among the states, and implementing critical change to the reporting of boating casualties as previously recommended by the Council.

Resolution Regarding Boating Accident Reporting System
Affirms NBSAC’s support for the 2009 accident reporting recommendations and encourages the Coast Guard to both make diligent effort to address each of the Accident Reporting Task Force recommendations and to complete the accident reporting regulatory project as quickly as possible.

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