New literature review to guide R3 Model

R3 ModelA new scientific research review has been completed as a first step of the AREA-RBFF partnership to develop national angler recruitment, retention and reactivation (R3) strategies. This comprehensive literature review will provide a foundation of defendable knowledge that will allow this project to identify effective approaches to increase angling and boating participation.

AREA and RBFF announced their partnership in August 2015 to develop the framework for industrywide angler R3 programs. The program will conclude in early 2017 with information being shared throughout the process.

This partnership, and the resulting R3 guidelines, are the foundation of RBFF’s new aspirational goal to increase fishing participation to 60 million in 60 months, by March 31, 2021. To reach this goal, RBFF plans to work as a catalyst for change, focusing on national recruitment efforts and supporting state agency efforts by both serving as an incubator for innovative R3 programs, and leading the community in implementing a national R3 plan.