Northern Region Boating Officers of the Year


Sergeant Eric Lundin


Sergeant Eric Lundin is an advocate for safe boating both to the general public and to boating professionals. He joined the Connecticut EnCon Police full-time in 1994 and was promoted to sergeant of the Central Marine District in 2009. He has been supervising the EnCon Police Boating Accident Reconstruction Unit since 2008. Additionally, he is on the Board of Directors for the International Association of Marine Investigators (IAMI) and has chaired the Certified Marine Investigator (CMI) Program since 2009. Sgt. Lundin was the first officer in Connecticut to be recognized by Mothers Against Drunk Driving for the category of Boating Under the Influence of alcohol for 2013 and 2014. He has been a member of the MADD Connecticut State Advisory Board since 2013.

Lundin has also been involved with NASBLA for several years, having served on the Engineering, Reporting and Analysis Committee since 2006 and serving as a BOAT Program Credentialed Instructor since 2012. 

Eric is a Connecticut POST-certified Law Enforcement Instructor for Boating Laws, Boating Accident Investigation, Marine Theft, Boating On-Water Practical Skills, and BUI. As a CT EnCon Police Instructor, he has taught over 125 officers at the annual Law Enforcement Seminar and provides Lake Authority Basic Boating Training. Eric has served as a volunteer Boating Education Instructor for the department since 1997. Since 2009 he has taught for IAMI in numerous marine theft / vessel and engine identification topics.


Corporal Oran White

Cpl. Oran White started with Delaware Fish and Wildlife as a seasonal officer in 2008 and became a full-time agent in 2010. He has displayed true dedication to marine law enforcement through case work and public outreach. Cpl. White was the leading officer in the state in 2014 with 491 arrests, three of which were arrests for operating a vessel under the influence of alcohol. All three resulted in successful prosecutions and convictions. One case involved a serious injury boat accident, in which Cpl. White had to obtain a blood search warrant and an arrest warrant for the prosecution of the case.

In 2014 Cpl. White made 3,110 public contacts, conducted 611 vessel safety inspection boardings, logged 178 complaints and was underway on a patrol vessel for 391.5 hours. He also investigated two major commercial fisheries cases which involved long hours underway conducting surveillance with night vision and radar. The first case involved hundreds of illegal fish pots placed on an artificial reef site. The second case involved the unlicensed taking of horseshoe crabs with a dredge, taking horseshoe crabs at night and taking horseshoe crabs out of season. During these investigations Cpl. White worked with fellow agents, the Attorney General’s office and the defendants involved. His dedication and professionalism resulted in successful prosecutions of these cases.

Cpl. White also conducted several public outreach programs targeting children to promote safe boating. Cpl. White recently volunteered and is awaiting a course to become an instructor for Boating under the Influence training.

Conservation Police Officer Eric Schreiber
Illinois IL_Schreiber 387

Conservation Police Officer Eric Schreiber is a 15-year veteran with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. He serves as a Field Training Officer and an OUI Field Sobriety Instructor.

In 2011, CPO Schreiber became a certified instructor through NASBLA and began teaching OUI enforcement to the Office of Law Enforcement (OLE) and other law enforcement agencies. In 2011, he took on the task of updating the OLE OUI enforcement manual, including the training curriculum for conservation police officer trainees at the IDNR academy. He was then responsible for training the entire state in the administration of field sobriety testing. He has instructed the past three academy classes on OUI enforcement and has been providing the state with refresher training and updating the training section.

Over the past 10 years, CPO Schreiber has arrested 75 operators for OUI. During the 2013-14 season, he completed eight OUI arrests and assisted in an additional 20. CPO Schreiber mentors new and inexperienced officer trainees, investing his time in the development of their OUI enforcement skills.

In October of 2014, CPO Schreiber responded to a serious personal injury boat accident on the Fox River. As lead investigator, he was tasked with investigating an accident in which there were no witnesses and neither occupant of the boat would cooperate and provide relevant information. CPO Schreiber used the Illinois State Police evidence officers to recover DNA evidence from the accident and determine the location of each occupant. Using his training and experience, he investigated the cause and contributing factors of the case and learned alcohol played a large role. He used the courts to obtain search warrants and build his case. In the end, CPO Schreiber filed two felony counts of operation of a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol on the operator of the boat.

Officer Billy Doss

Officer Billy Doss has been a conservation officer with the Indiana Department of NaturalIN_Officer-Billy-Doss Resources since 2009. He has developed into a well rounded boating enforcement officer and is looked upon by new officers for advice and guidance. His area of patrol includes several smaller impoundments, in addition to a major river, and two popular recreational reservoirs.

Officer Doss believes that education is the first step in preventing accidents related to boating. He teaches boating education at his local schools, giving students insight into safe and responsible boating practices. Billy also participates in several local community public safety days. During these events, he can be found promoting the “Wear It Campaign” or providing some structured demonstration promoting a safe boating practice. His commitment to teaching boating education at his local schools and his participation in community safety days has certainly made Indiana a safer place to boat.

Officer Doss is proactive when addressing boating problems. In 2014, he led his district with 22 BWI and minors in possession/consuming alcohol while boating arrests. There has been an increasing problem with minors consuming alcohol in the area which Billy typically works, and he has joined a task force in his local law enforcement community to coordinate and further address those concerns. 

Officer Doss also serves as an Indiana River Rescue Instructor. With this extra duty, Billy trains Indiana Conservation Officers as well as outside agencies in swift water rescue techniques. The spring of 2013 brought heavy flooding to the area. During local recovery operations, Billy realized that some of the local volunteer fire departments were lacking basic swift water rescue skills, endangering themselves during the recovery operation. Later in 2013, Officer Doss provided swift water training to these departments. Billy continued to build upon this training and reached out to other local fire departments in 2014 to better prepare for an incident involving a rescue in swift water.

Conservation Officer Jeff Morrison
IA_JeffMorrison Iowa

Conservation Officer Jeff Morrison, with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, is stationed in Dickinson County, Iowa – home to the Iowa Great Lakes, including Spirit Lake, West Lake Okoboji, East Lake Okoboji, Upper Gar, Minnewashta, and Lower Gar Lakes. He displays impressive knowledge, dedication, and enthusiasm toward boating law and boating safety.

Officer Morrison is tasked with overseeing and assisting with training for eight seasonal patrol officers (SPOs) assigned to the Iowa Great Lakes. He goes above and beyond making himself available to the SPOs, furthering their boating skills and knowledge of boating enforcement. He is also a key instructor for Iowa DNR’s Navigation Enforcement training for full-time sworn officers. He brings to this training his extensive knowledge in boat operation, defensive tactics, firearms, and handcuffing.

Officer Morrison is a boat accident investigator for the Iowa DNR and he provides technical support with boating incidents to fellow officers across the state. Each year he assists with Operation Dry Water and conducts many boating while intoxicated stops and arrests.

Game Warden Steve Allarie

Warden Steve Allarie patrols one of the busiest boating districts in Maine including Cobbosseecontee Lake, Maranacook Lake, Annabassacook Lake, and several smaller lakes, ponds and miles of navigable streams. ME_SteveAllarieWarden Allarie patrols with both a 17-foot watercraft and a personal watercraft. 

In 2014, Warden Allarie supervised the day-to-day functions of a department boating deputy assigned to his region. As that deputy’s direct supervisor, Warden Allarie spent numerous hours training and educating him on boating operation, enforcement, and public safety training. Warden Allarie documented the deputy’s work and reported regularly to his supervisor. 

Warden Allarie sets a high standard in boating along with providing professional response to accident investigations and complaints by other boaters and lakeshore property owners. In 2014, he checked 689 boats, which is among the highest number of boats checked by wardens statewide. His commitment to inspecting boats for safety equipment is noteworthy and deserves special recognition. Warden Allarie detected 236 boating enforcement violations ranging from registration and lake and river protection laws, to safety violations, including 39 for personal flotation violations. Warden Allarie uses excellent discretion in handling violations detected with an even balance of summons versus warnings.   

Warden Allarie has performed beyond the normal expectation of a district game warden in the field of boating enforcement and education. His dedication to this recreational safety area has no doubt made the waters in his area safer for boaters and possibly saved lives.

Conservation Officer Ivan Perez

Ivan Perez has been assigned to the Grand Haven area of Ottawa County since becoming a conservation officer in 1995. His engaging personality, community involvement and dedication to marine safety education make him a valuable asset to the ranks of Michigan’s conservation officers.MI_IvanPerez

Officer Perez began to develop his skills during his service from 1985 to 1989 in the United States Navy. He served the Navy during two tours throughout Asia when he was assigned as a Lifeboat Operator, a Boatswain Mate and then Helmsman and Lee Helmsmen of a 600-foot naval ship. He enlisted in the United States Coast Guard and was assigned to duty at USCG Station Saginaw River during 1991, where he conducted search and rescue operations. During this assignment to Saginaw, which concluded in 1995, he was the recipient of several military awards for his service and actions.

In 1995 Ivan Perez joined the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Law Division as a conservation officer and was assigned to Ottawa County. In 1998 he became an instructor for the basic boat handling course which all conservation officers must complete. As officers were tasked with offshore activity and operating larger vessels with increasing frequency, it was determined that an advanced boating class was needed. CO Perez was selected to serve as the lead instructor for this advanced training. Ivan used his experience and training from both the Navy and Coast Guard to develop a curriculum of instruction, teaching basic chart navigation, which our officers rely on today. In recent years Ivan has taught basic boat handling skills to other law enforcement agencies while instructing at the Statewide Marine Officers School hosted by the Ottawa County Sheriff Department.

In recent years, CO Perez has provided instruction, vessels and MDNR personnel to assist with the training of the Michigan State Police Emergency Response Team by providing on-water exercises in Ottawa County.

Conservation Officer Scott Arntzen

Conservation Officer Scott Arntzen is an outstanding enforcement officer. His enjoyment and dedication for working Minnesota waters and educating young and old alike have made him a leader in both enforcement and boat and water safety education since starting with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Officer Arntzen’s patrol area covers some of the busiest waters of the state, including Forest Lake, Big Marine, part of Bald Eagle, half of White Bear Lake, and several miles of the St. Croix River. Scott covers vacant stations without being asked, providing safety to areas with little enforcement presence. 

Scott’s efforts in promoting boating and safety education are superior. He attends monthly boat and water meetings and provides valuable input to other DNR employees and local law enforcement. He has assisted in training DNR employees over two seasons on watercraft safety. He is a leader in the district in boating enforcement and education contacts. Scott has attended many community events and given presentations on boating safety to local organizations. Scott puts forth great effort in promoting boating safety through media channels. 

Scott is quick to respond to emergencies when needed. He has frequently patrolled Minnesota waters with partners and local law enforcement officers, fostering excellent working relationships. One of Scott’s many noteworthy efforts was when he responded to a call of an abandoned boat on the St. Croix River. After a search of the area, Scott and local law enforcement officers located a Vietnam War veteran who was experiencing PTSD. Scott was able to calm the person and arrange transport to a treatment facility. Scott took care of his boat and possessions and made an extra effort to contact concerned family members.

Scott’s easy going demeanor and his willingness to help out partners and the public is demonstrated by his excellent work in promoting boating safety, enforcement, and education. Few officers have the dedication and work ethic as Scott does when it comes to boat and water safety and education.

Warden Jonathan Tofteland
North DakotaND_JonathanTofteland

Warden Jonathan Tofteland has been stationed in the Bottineau district since he was hired as a permanent employee with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department. Throughout his career, Jon has become very knowledgeable about one of North Dakota’s busiest natural lakes, Lake Metigoshe, which is rife with weekender and cabin-owner boat traffic. 

Jon spends a great majority of his time patrolling in and around Lake Metigoshe by vehicle, boat, snowmobile and ATV. His value to the Enforcement Division is felt year-round as his district includes a four-season tourist destination hot spot, Lake Metigoshe, which straddles the international border with Canada.

He has been very active teaching boat and water safety training classes. Jon has always been a willing presenter and participant in the Becoming an Outdoors Woman program.

Jon also has to patrol many other smaller water bodies within his district in the Turtle Mountains and elsewhere. His enthusiasm for boat and water safety enforcement is readily apparent and has only improved through the years. 

Sergeant John Andrejack
New York

Sgt. John Andrejack is a 22-year veteran of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office, serving as commanding officer of that department’s Marine Bureau of 20 personnel since 2003.NY_Andrejack J

John has long been active as a NYS Marine Patrol Vessel Operator Instructor, teaching annually at the state’s week-long training program for state and local marine enforcement personnel.

In this role he teams with fellow veteran marine patrol officers in instructing the fundamentals of confident, safe and professional boat handling to novice officers. This unique mentoring program in boat handling allows younger officers to learn from more experienced personnel in a controlled mentoring environment.

As an officer serving upon New York’s marine tidewaters, including the ocean waters on Long Island’s East End, John has been involved in and has served as vice chairman of the East End Marine Task Force, a mutual aid, cross-borders force multiplier which is activated during marine events, emergencies and other associated marine enforcement operations. To that end John has been instrumental in drafting memoranda of agreement with the 16 agencies comprising that group. In addition he secured a $1.2 million port security grant for a regional CBRNE vessel, 80 radiation detectors, 20 survival suits, night vision equipment and Alco-Sensors.

John has also been pivotal in the development of Operation Shield (Suffolk Homeland Security Interdiction, Education Long Island Defense) since 2009. In this capacity John has served as incident commander while commanding 30 separate entities in simultaneous sweeps on more than 1,000 miles of shoreline within the communities on the eastern end of the county.   

Since becoming a NYS Certified Instructor in 2006 John has taught more than 575 East Enders the fundamentals of safe boating. He has also conducted maritime safety checkpoints and boardings and affected numerous boating while intoxicated arrests and rescues. In fact John’s heroic actions were noted in Soundings magazine for the rescue of a stranded boater on the rocks off Montauk Light during heavy weather conditions. 

Watercraft Officer Jason Beard

Officer Beard has always been a model watercraft officer. He consistently exceeds expectations in all OH_Jason-Beardaspects of the job. When he is given an assignment he completes it thoroughly and accurately.

Officer Beard is very passionate about staying safe and keeping his fellow officers safe. He became a defensive tactics instructor in 2014 and has helped plan, coordinate, and teach every sessional training in our area. 

Officer Beard displays the division’s core values on a daily basis. He is a model officer when it comes to dealing with the public and treats everyone with dignity and respect and goes out of his way to provide good customer service. He has also fostered great relationships with everyone in the office. He is very caring and is always there for his fellow employees. In addition, Jason is always looking for ways to make himself a safer officer and a better instructor, attending a variety of courses and training whenever possible.

Officer Beard always has a positive attitude. He volunteers to work the night shift throughout the summer months and volunteers to go to multiple trainings a year. Jason is always very positive about the required training, saying “I always learn at least one thing at every training.” Being around an officer with such a positive attitude promotes a good work ethic for everyone he is around. 

Officer Beard leads by example. His best quality is his initiative or his self-motivation. He is very dependable. Officer Beard will change his work schedule to make sure tasks get completed. In 2014, this officer has taken part in five transports to the islands, provided security for the Governor’s boat during Fish Ohio Day, and taken part in the transportation of algae researchers. Officer Beard responded to multiple boating accidents and is always ready to be called out. 

Officer Adam Hill
Rhode IslandRI_AdamHill

Since his first day on the job with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, Officer Adam Hill has exhibited the intelligence, bravery, and discretion required of any law enforcement officer. Adam has accumulated hundreds of hours of patrol along the waters of this state, both inland and marine. All of the experience has combined to make Officer Hill a top-shelf law enforcement officer who has a solid command of the laws and regulations he has sworn to uphold. 

He treats everyone with whom he comes into contact with courtesy and respect, and he is a top –notch boat operator as well. Officer Hill also has the most contacts in the area of boating under the influence detection over the past year for the department.

Officer Hill is not only a credit to this agency, but to law enforcement in general. The state of Rhode Island and its boating public have benefitted immensely thanks to Officer Hill’s continuing service and professionalism.

Conservation Officer Dan Altman
South Dakota

Dan Altman has been a conservation officer with South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks since 2009. He is currently stationed in Yankton, home to Lake Lewis and Clark – the busiest recreational body of water in the state.   SD_Altman

Officer Altman dedicates countless hours to boating enforcement patrol each summer and has become true leader in boating law enforcement in the state. His attributes and skills have benefited not only the department, but also those that have had the pleasure of working with him.         

In 2014, the SDGFP partnered with NASBLA to conduct a re-validation study of the seated field sobriety tests. As part of this research project, conservation officers from across South Dakota traveled to Lake Lewis and Clark to conduct water patrols, participate in the validation study, and ultimately improve the agency’s BUI detection and enforcement efforts. 

Officer Altman spent many hours patrolling the waters during the study, led the way in BUI investigations and arrests, and assisted in countless BUI investigations and arrests made by other fellow officers. It cannot be overstated how critical Officer Altman’s efforts were in the overall success of the 2014 national validation study.    

Like every other officer in the field, Officer Altman must constantly balance his time doing boating enforcement work with other areas of conservation law enforcement. Because Officer Altman displays exceptional attention to detail and has consistently exhibited the ability to juggle multiple tasks at once, he was recently asked to help test the effectiveness of body cameras for use by South Dakota conservation officers.

Testing multiple camera units over the spring and summer of 2014, Officer Altman was able to merge his boating duties and the body camera evaluation on several BUI enforcement actions. In two specific BUI arrests, the use of the body camera technology proved critical. In both instances, Officer Altman’s evidence captured on camera proved invaluable to the successful prosecution of both subjects in question and displayed the overall usefulness of body cameras in both conservation and boating law enforcement. 

Conservation Warden Edward McCann

Working for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Conservation Warden Edward McCann is stationed in LaCrosse. His administrative area consists of Pool 8 of the Mississippi River, which is one of the most highly used pools on the river. This unique water resource allows for boating opportunity year-round even when most of the river freezes. Warden McCann is responsible for all natural resource law enforcement including recreational boating. McCann has done an outstanding job managing his station to provide 365 days of boating enforcement coverage.

Warden McCann prioritizes his boating hours on enforcement, training, outreach, and innovation. He is a field training officer who trained multiple recruits in 2014. During the 2014 boating season, Ed and his recruit wardens concentrated on boating safety and enforcement, issuing 21 boating related citations, including three for operating while intoxicated. Ed investigated a complex boating accident involving a collision of two boats. His thorough investigation and cooperative work with neighboring wardens resulted in determining the cause of the collision and issuing citations for careless operation. Ed also responded to two calls of capsized boats. One incident involved a capsized kayak and another involved a boat that had swamped in a rural area of the river. McCann rescued two individuals who were stranded in the swamped boat. The operator was arrested for OWI and bail jumping.

Warden McCann has been proactive with other marine law enforcement agencies that patrol the Mississippi River. He created classroom training and trained the newly created LaCrosse Police Department Marine Officers patrol unit and all the city police officers during their annual in-service training. The police department had no prior training related to boating laws and enforcement. 

Ed also created and provided a day-long, on-water training for marine officers of the LaCrosse County Sheriff’s Department. Ed created the training from the ground up and with assistance from his neighboring wardens has trained the boat patrol officers for the county and city.

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