NTSB releases report of marine accident investigations National Transportation Safety Board

safer seas

The National Transportation Safety Board released its Safer Seas 2014: Lessons Learned From Marine Accident Investigations report. The 43-page report contains a summary and the probable causes for 23 major marine accidents and features lessons learned from each of the accidents in an easy-to-use summary document. Safer Seas 2014 focuses on issues including understanding vessel control systems, passenger safety during critical maneuvers, maintenance, and crew training.

Safer Seas 2014 is available on the NTSB website at http://www.ntsb.gov/investigations/AccidentReports/Reports/SPC1501.pdf.

Cabela’s and Maine Marine Patrol team up to save lives on the water


The Maine Marine Patrol and outdoor outfitter Cabela’s have teamed up to ensure that boaters without a proper personal flotation device (PFD) can borrow one and keep their voyage, and their passengers, alive.

“To help us kick off [the National Safe Boating Campaign], Cabela’s generously donated 15 Tournament 3500 PFDs, which are lightweight, state-of-the-art inflatable life jackets that can be adjusted to fit children as small as 80 pounds as well as adults,” said Marine Patrol Sergeant Rob Beal. “Valued at approximately $150 each, these life jackets are priceless when it comes to lives they can save.”

Sergeant Beal has been working to assess areas on the Maine coast with significant recreational boating activity and to outfit marine patrol vessels in those areas with loaner PFDs. Sergeant Beal also produced an informational card to hand out with each loaner PFD, which includes a brief survey of boater activity and is returned with the PFD at the end of the boater’s day. “The survey will allow us to gauge boaters’ understanding of the importance of life jackets.”

“This donation from Cabela’s demonstrates a commitment to more than their bottom-line,” said Sergeant Beal. “It shows how dedicated Cabela’s is to supporting the Maine Marine Patrol and, more importantly, safeguarding the health and wellbeing of the people who enjoy the waters of the Maine coast.”

MORE http://www.maine.gov/dmr/news/2015/CabelasPFDDonation.htm       


Marine Patrol Sergeant Rob Beal (right) displays one of the life jackets donated to the Marine Patrol by Cabela’s to support the Marine Patrol’s PFD loaner program for recreational boaters. With Sergeant Beal is Greg Sirpis, Retail Marketing Manager for Cabela’s.

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